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Monday, July 21, 2008

McGuinty: "I'm hardly a scientific expert"

Today's National Post carries a story reporting that Health Canada has determined that it is safe for children to use cellphones. It contains a quotation from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty which sums up for me McGuinty's bumbling, inept style:
"I'm hardly a scientific expert on the consequences of prolonged cellphone use by children," Mr. McGuinty said. "But if I read a story, just as a dad, in the paper, I might want to speak to my kids, tell them to minimize their use, and kind of stay tuned to what the scientific community has to say on this score."
This is McGuinty in a nutshell. He establishes priorities based on his gut reactions "as a dad" after having "read a story ... in the paper". After making his policy decisions, he might just "kind of stay tuned to what the scientific community has to say on this score". McGuinty hasn't yet banned cellphone use by children the way he made them all wear bicycle helmets, but this is the same guy who is gleefully banning incandescent light bulbs and plastic bags in liquor stores while making us pay deposits on wine bottles, policies which generally have lots of feel-good photo-op potential but do little for the environment, or could actually make things worse.

Ontario has the worst government in Canada, bar none. The economy is tanking, armed gangs control large areas of the capital city and lawless natives are holding whole communities hostage while the police do nothing, but by God the Premier is making us recycle our wine bottles while staying up nights worrying about little Timmy and his cellphone.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hear, hear.

I totally agree. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to your reaction to Mr. McGuinty's statement, I think it makes sense. We know that children cannot suffer exposure to lots of things during their formative years, lead in paint, for example.

As to bicycle helmets, I suppose you were against seat belts long ago.

As to lightbulbs, a ways and means of reducing energy costs must be addressed. This is one small logical step.

Plastic bags? This is a no-brainer, despite the inconvenience of paper.

Deposits on wine bottles? What made this whole damn mess in the first place was government allowing pop manufacturers' the right to remove deposits on bottles.

"...make things worse"? That statement is just plain wonky.

Worst government in Canada? Any of the above accomplishments of the current government are miles ahead of our previous government, where the natives were simply shot,and the people's water was poisoned and they too died.

A lot has been cleaned up from the Harris fiasco.

As to crime, look to the feds, the free-traders who began the crime surge when they stopped checking borders for anything, let alone guns, all in the interest of the economy.

And yep, you are correct about the gangs and shootings we currently suffer, and to that I say, start making sentences consecutive, rather than concurrent and keep the baddies (any violent criminal) off the streets that way.

Your blog comes across as "cranky".
Too bad you have nothing new to offer to the discussion, cept curmudgeonly views of the world.

Be well,

Eric said...


Try following the links I provided in the post on plastic bags, compact fluorescent bulbs and bottle deposits before you start throwing out phrases like "just plain wonky" and accuse me of having nothing new to add to the discussion.

As for your comment about free traders giving up control of the borders, that is just plain wonky - allowing goods to cross the border duty-free does not mean we have to stop patrolling the border for illegal guns, and it's just like a McGuinty Liberal to wring their hands in desperation and whine "why don't the feds DO something?".

Maybe if the Ontario Liberals spent less time micromanaging our daily lives and got serious about the REAL problems in this province, we wouldn't be having this discussion. If that's curmudeonly, then I wear that label proudly.