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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Edwards caught with his pants down

I guess that means he's off Obama's VP short list. It seems Senator Edwards has been caught with a woman (not his wife) in a hotel in Los Angeles. Says Roger Simon:

But now that the cat is out the bag, I will say what I wanted to say then. John Edwards – he of constructing a 28,000 square foot home while preaching about the two Americas and remonstrating about the environment – is one of the most reprehensible schmucks to appear on the American political scene in some time. And that’s saying something. That he played this game while his wife had cancer makes it contemptible beyond words. Now we know why he was always primping in the mirror. It is narcissism unbounded.

But there is a moral to this story - and I think we all know it. I hate the use of caps, but I think in this instance I will use them. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HIGH FLOWN RHETORIC OF POLITICIANS - ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS HOLIER THAN THOU. THEY ARE LIKELY TO BE MASKING SOMETHING.

But I'll bet his hair still looks great.

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Anonymous said...

So The National Enquiror story a while back about his having a baby with a staff member was possibly right after all. Everyone dropped this story real fast.