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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gordon Ramsay is nuts

I've never been able to watch a complete episode of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen - I can't understand why people put up with his over-the-top temper tantrums without shoving his fettucini up his fundament. I think he's mentally ill and someday we're going to read about him barricading himself in a clock tower with a rifle. This item from the BBC seems to confirm it - Gordon Ramsay is nuts.
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says British restaurants should be fined if they serve fruit and vegetables which are not in season.
He told the BBC that fruit and vegetables should be locally-sourced and only on menus when in season.
Mr Ramsay said he had already spoken to Prime Minister Gordon Brown about outlawing out-of-season produce.
He says it would cut carbon emissions as less food would be imported and also lead to improved standards of cooking.
"There should be stringent laws, licensing laws, to make sure produce is only used in season and season only," he said.

Ramsay seems not to have considered the unintentional consequences of his proposal, which would lead to the ultimate leftist dilemma: save the Earth or save the Third World?

Following the chef's comments, Oxfam's head of research, Duncan Green, said he was sure "the million farmers in east Africa who rely on exporting their goods to scrape a living would see Gordon Ramsay's assertions as a recipe for disaster".
Mr Green added: "He [Ramsay], like all of us, wants to tackle climate change, but it is vital that we ensure that poor people who are already hit hardest by climate change are not made to suffer even further."

The BBC has helpfully added a list of locally produced fresh produce available in Britain during the winter:

brussel sprouts

Well, I'm sure the NHS is fully prepared to deal with the inevitable return of such great nostalgic nineteenth-century diseases as ricketts and scurvy that would follow the banning of imports of fresh vegetables and citrus fruits to the British Isles. Let them eat brussel sprouts.

(h/t: Ann Althouse )

1 comment:

rabbit said...

I don't know about Ramsay's comments on the Beeb, but...

1. His temper tantrums are (mostly) an act designed to see which contestants can take the pressure. And to make for some good TV viewing.

2. Everything he does on his TV programs is ultimately for the benefit of the customer.

The world could use more of the second.