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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sauce for the gander

MP Tom Lukiwski did a stupid and offensive thing in 1991. He has apologized, and I accept his apology. That's not enough for opposition MPs - they want his head on a platter. Fair enough - but I'll start demanding that the Prime Minister take responsibility for Tom Lukiwski when Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party take responsibility for Tom Wappel.

Wappel is the Liberal MP for Scarborough Southwest, and has been in Parliament since 1988. He has announced that he will not be seeking re-election in the next general election. Much to the embarassment of fellow Liberal travellers, Wappel is a notorious social conservative and has vigourously opposed both abortion and gay marriage. His views on homosexuality are well known. These statements are taken from a policy paper he wrote in 1994 called "Sexual Orientation":

This portion of the paper makes clear the reasons for my objections to those who would force society to regard homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and why I see this as the inevitable result of recklessly (albeit with the best of intentions) adding "sexual orientation", howsoever defined, as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.
It further outlines my thesis that matters which deal with homosexuality are deeply moral, upon which a free vote must be permitted.
Finally, let me reiterate that my aversion to homosexuality, which is shared by the vast majority of Canadians, does not mean that we hate homosexuals, and certainly not any individual homosexual simply because he or she is a homosexual.
Logically, one can abhor war, without abhorring the individual participants in the war. Similarly, one can abhor homosexuality, without abhorring individual homosexuals.
For anyone who professes belief in any religion, this should be a moral issue.
—all major world religions declare homosexuality to be a sin and contrary to the laws of the supreme Deity.
It is not a question of "fundamental human rights". It is, however, a question of deeply held moral convictions for the vast majority of Canadians.
Most Canadians view homosexuality as abnormal. They are prepared to tolerate legal sexual activity behind closed doors, but they are not prepared to accept homosexuality as normal.
FACT: Groups that condone and promote paedophilia associate themselves with homosexual organizations
FACT: Homosexuality is a promiscuous lifestyle
FACT: Homosexual activity can have adverse medical consequences
There has been much scientific research done on the medical dangers of homosexual behaviour. Some of the diseases caused by or exacerbated by homosexual activity are listed hereafter, with references.

Read the whole discussion paper to get the context for these excerpts and the full flavour of Wappel's moral revulsion towards homosexuality. And ask yourself why Liberals rise up in righteous indignation against the "knuckle-draggers" in the Conservative Party while a long-serving MP from within their own ranks is, according to the CBC, simply taking "outspoken positions against abortion and gay rights".

Tom Lukiwski made an offensive off-the-cuff remark about homosexuals while on a drunken binge at a party nineteen years ago. Tom Wappel has a history of making anti-gay statements right in the House of Commons and cloaks his hatred in quasi-scientific "policy papers" issued by his constituency office in his name, under his authority as a Liberal Member of Parliament. Tell me, whose head should be on a platter?


Babylonian said...

I like Wappel a great deal, why he ran as a Liberal in these latter times baffles the mind. It would be unfortunate if we had to you him as fodder, but we should if necessary.

One lesson we have to learn is that the media has their own team, so we need to be weary of that. Harper knows this well, at least this whole mess came up now then before an election.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good post, Eric.

Of course, we've learned not to expect consistency from MSM - especially CBC and CTV.

Ruth said...

Don't forget Liberal Paul Steckle, who was the most outspoken against SSM.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Wappel is a flake. Especially in light of his abuse of a WWII veteran for no other reason than Wappel "...knew how the veteran voted in previous elections..." AND his boss did nothing to correct him.

Maybe a social conservative, but definitely a liberal in all other matters.

Then there's always Maria Minna, who actually was OKayed, by the Ethics commisioner, to be allowed to cast TWO ballots in one election. Muagabe could learn a thing or two from this Otawa bunch!!

a post-WWII-era "vet."
QOR 2Btn. / RC Sigs.

t.e.& o.e.

Alberta Girl said...

"Then there's always Maria Minna, who actually was OKayed, by the Ethics commisioner, to be allowed to cast TWO ballots in one election"

Why was she allows to cast Two ballots?

lwestin said...

I don't agree that you can call Tom Wappell's deeply held moral convictions 'hatred'. I don't believe he is a 'hateful' man. I agree with 'babylonian' that it's a mystery how he manages to be with the Liberals. On the other hand, the CCP are not exactly so-con either...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think the issue is the hypocrisy of the left, which MSM conveniently ignores.