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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why feminists dislike Hillary Clinton

Ann Althouse on why Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign leaves feminists cold:
Hillary is not just another professional woman of my generation, who ought to inspire sisterly empathy. She is a throwback to an earlier era, when women found their place through their husbands. The resistance I feel toward Hillary has to do do with her advancement under the aegis of a powerful man — a powerful man who seems to have diminished quite a number of women. According to the article, I'm responding the way women my age respond: "For many, it's visceral. While they struggled to break through institutional barriers in the workplace, Clinton hitched her star to her man and followed him to the top. When his philandering imperiled his political career, she not only pulled him out of the fire but helped orchestrate attacks against his accusers." Exactly.
Even Jane Fonda can't bring herself to get behind Hillary:
[I]n an interview with LA Weekly last May, Jane Fonda called Clinton "a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina."


Canada Goose said...

They also dislike Condoleezza Rice who made it on her own. They consider her a puppet of Bush or Cheney.

It's too bad she's not running, because she is intelligent, honest, stylish and a wonderful role model.

Gpawilli said...

So you are saying you dislike her because she supported her husband in his political aspirations and during the rough times of her marraige.

I think that is hogwash.

No one can say she isn't a smart woman who has been able to have it all.

Maybe thats it.... women hate other womens' successes and she has been able to have it all....

Anonymous said...

Hillary is the first viable female presidential candidate in history. Women who are bitchin' about glass ceilings outa get off their cans and vote for her. It might take another 100 years before we get another chance at a woman president. Come on, ladies. Wake up. Do you think most blacks are voting overwhelmingly for Obama for any reason other than his blackness? Do you think more men are voting for him for a reason other than his maleness? Blacks would rather see a black in office and men would rather see a woman in office, but woman would rather see the ideal woman in office. I say take what you can get for now while you cultivate the ideal woman - if there is such a thing.