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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Man tortured with hot cookies

So, what's the big deal with waterboarding? In an Illinois drug deal gone bad, a man was tortured with freshly-baked cookies:

Two students at Southern Illinois University in this St. Louis suburb kidnapped, paddled and burned a young man with freshly baked cookies after a drug deal went bad, prosecutors said.
Sheriff's Capt. Brad Wells said that Friday night, three men went to James' house to buy marijuana, but two of them grabbed the drugs and fled, leaving the third behind. The suspects held that man, who is in his late teens, and told him he needed to find $400 for the drugs, Wells said.

The suspects beat the man with a wooden paddle, burned his neck and shoulders with cookies immediately after taking them from the oven, shaved off some of his hair and poured urine over him from a soda bottle, Wells said.

"It was just sheer torture," Wells said.

Prepare yourself for the debate: "Would you be prepared to use hot cookies on a terrorist if you knew it would save innocent lives?"


Anonymous said...

He hasn't seen torture yet.... get....the SOFT CUSHIONS!

snigdha said...

Were they Toll House?

'Cause if they were Pillsbury, THAT would be torture..

Toll House are gentler on the skin..!

Kind of figures that dopes selling dope would have cookies to bake on hand..