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Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Like being trapped in an ugly room with a hopeless stutterer"

Libertas has an amusing review of the new anti-Bush film Southland Tales, which received zero stars by the reviewer. I loved these choice comments:
Watching writer/director Richard Kelly’s attempt at an operatic HateBush, anti-war cult film is what it must be like trapped in an ugly room for 160-minutes with a hopeless stutterer who’s trying to tell you a story but can’t. We’ve all seen directors fail miserably to bring their vision to the screen, but Southland Tales doesn’t even rise to that. It’s just a miserable failure without a vision anywhere within a country mile.
If Kelly was so desperate to prove he’s a no-talent, pretentious, hack, did he have to spend $18 million and 2 1/2 hours of my life doing it? Couldn’t he have just bought a beret?
The acting is dreadful. But it’s only dreadful if dreadful is a harsher word than embarrassing.
Southland Tales isn’t nihilism, liberalism, anti-Americanism, or even anti-Bushism. Because, regardless of what you might think of those things they are at least about something. Southland is about nothing. It’s rank piece of amateurish incompetence, and the current holder of the central exhibit in the quickly-expanding Hollywood Bush Derangement Syndrome Museum.


Anonymous said...

This review of Blackhawk Down is better.

Anonymous said...

"Couldn't he have just bought a beret?" - that's friggin hilarious!