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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why we shouldn't lower the voting age

An all-candidates meeting was held in Trenton (Northumberland-Quinte West riding) on Sept. 26 at the local high school where the candidates appeared in front of an audience consisting mostly of students. On October 5, the following letters-to-the-editor, written by students in grade 10 Civics classes who attended the debate, appeared in the local daily paper, The Trentonian:
I don't agree with some of the promises or things that were said at the all candidates assembly I attended yesterday.
The candidates weren't very exciting. A lot of the students that were around me were talking because they were bored. Most of the questions that were asked by the students the candidates either didn't answer or they took their time as if they weren't sure of what they were saying. I don't think I would want someone like that running the province.
Maybe next time the candidates should try to make it interesting for students and not so boring. That way they will most likely grab the students' attention instead of giving them time to sleep.
The beginning of the assembly was kind of boring, due to the fact that all the candidates talked about was taxes and the environment.
The environment part is important because of Global Warming, but none of the students were interested in that topic let alone the whole assembly.
The students were more interested in the minimum wage and education funding. When they did talk about those topics only some of the people were interested.
Except for the Green Party, the candidates seemed dry and did not have any emotion behind what they were saying.
It could have been more fun for us and for them if they organized it in a different way. Maybe a game show theme and setting in the auditorium where questions are asked in the same way they are asked on game shows.

Try to imagine a province run by a government chosen in a close election where teenagers were the swing votes. Being boring would be a criminal offence, the minimum wage would be $100/hour, post-secondary education would be free and burning fossil fuels would be illegal. Oh, and the legislature would be renovated to resemble the set of Hollywood Squares and cabinet ministers would be dressed like clowns.


Manuel said...

no one should have to be in debt for 20 years just to attend a post secondary school, The price is disgusting.

Paul MacPhail said...

We definately shouldn't lower the voting age. As the old saying goes, "If you're 20 and you don't vote Liberal, you have no heart. If you're 30 and you don't vote Conservative, you have no brain."

I'm not against showing some heart, but understanding what voting Liberal could do to our country reinforces my opinion that we definately need some conservative governments over the next decade or so.

I'm all for liberalism, but it's going to take conservative governments to protect those values.

Anonymous said...

Only NDP'ers want the voting age lowered because they figure the indoctrination by the Teacher unionists hasn't worn off the children.

There is no reason for a lower voting age, or taking measures for a higher voter turnout - it's better that some clueless people simply don't vote since there are already so many that do.