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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Toronto gets new Libeskind phallic symbol

A while ago in a critique of the ROM's "Crystal", I accused architect Daniel Libeskind of having one good idea in his career and then milking it for years by selling versions of it to gullible cities like Toronto. I take it back. In the latest Libeskind building slated for Yonge & Front Streets in Toronto, Libeskind has reached deep into his subconcious to design a giant glass dildo to be "erected" behind the Hummingbird Centre.

OK, some of you are thinking "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". Well, take a look at an artist's rendering of the structure - a condo development called "the L Tower" - shown here in its usual form and in a more suggestive orientation:

Good lord. This thing is going to be a permanent feature of one of Toronto's most important intersections? Visitors are going to arrive in Union Station and step outside to take a gander at the giant glass phallus across the street?

You know, it is getting increasingly hard to take artists and intellectuals seriously when they produce artistically bankrupt nonsense like this. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it isn't a giant penis, but just a huge metaphorical middle finger raised to the citizens of Toronto.

On the other hand, it might look good next to this building (a 1918 design for an Amsterdam theatre by Hendrik Wijdeveld, never built):

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Vote Lieberal, support thieves said...

Ummmmm, my phallus does not look anything like that.
Even a kindergartner would recognize it as a stylized boot, no doubt to symbolically give all leftard Torontonians the kick in the head they so deservedly need to start every day.
Have to agree its one ugly building, perfect for Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Many artists are perverts and many like the occult. Thinking of Egypt here and Summeria.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Davidson said...

Many artists are perverts and many like the occult. Thinking of Egypt here and Summeria.

only out of the mouths of thick-necked, knuckle-dragging conservatives.

ps. a velvet portrait of dogs playing cards ain't art.

Jim O'Brien said...

I agree - it is very dildo like. 'To each his own.' But can you imagine how many different names it will be called and how many laughs it will get? Not the legacy the artist wishes too leave behind I bet.
Kate sent me on - I've added you to the daily read.

Anonymous said...

Jeffy Davidson said: "...a velvet portrait of dogs playing cards ain't art."

True, Jeffy. But then, neither is a building made to look like a dick.

The Phantom

Anonymous said...

Jeffy offended by a so-called art interpretation? And it's all about knuckle draggers? Poor he likes that pre-Playboy pubesque from 1918. Maybe he's pre-pubescent and really doesn't know what phallic symbols are.
When will Toronto seperate to be it's own province?...oh wait...they would then get more equaliztion payments.

MistahTibbs said...

When I looked at it I saw a big boot. Now, if there had been a big purple helmet at the top, THEN we can talk.

Sometimes a building is a building.

Oh, and dogs on velvet, playing poker?

That's art!

John said...

It is perfect for Toronto. And please Torontonians, think of the rest of Canada laughing at you for living in a city that builds a giant hard on right down town.

Anonymous said...

It didn't look phallic to me--just ugly.

OMMAG said...

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe....
One was named Jeff and never had a clue.

Tom said...

...wonder if the rooms come with a free supply of Viagra...

Zog said...

As an engineeer, I'm sitting slack-jawed, thinking about what useful, practical and attractive buildings could be constructed for the cost of this monstrosity.