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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dog shoots man

Remember: guns don't kill people - dogs with guns kill people. In a freak accident in Iowa last weekend, a pheasant hunter was shot in the leg when his retriever accidentally discharged the hunter's gun:
TAMA – A Tama man is recovering from injuries suffered while pheasant hunting in rural Poweshiek County today, state conservation law enforcement officials said.

James Harris, 37, was hunting approximately three to four miles north of Grinnell when the accident happened around 3:15 p.m. today. Authorities said the group had shot a bird, which landed across a fence on adjoining property. Harris reportedly went to retrieve the bird, placed his gun on the ground and crossed the fence near the muzzle end. When he crossed the fence, hunting dogs stepped on the gun, which discharged and struck Harris in the left calf at a distance of roughly three feet.

Harris was treated at Grinnell Regional Medical Center and later transported by helicopter to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.

The incident remains under investigation.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the dog will face charges?

Anonymous said...

That's why they tell you 1) UNLOAD the firearm when you cross a fence, and 2) cross AWAY from the muzzle.