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Thursday, September 20, 2007

"You know what I love about Ontario's Catholic schools? They're separate!"

Dalton McGuinty has laid it on pretty thick in his latest campaign ad (click on the link marked "Public Schools").This one is defendng Ontario's public schools, and Dalton stands in a school stairwell and intones:
You know what I love about Ontario's schools? They're public. Whatever the race or creed of our kids they attend the same schools. Together they learn, play, laugh and sing - together.... Our public schools are what makes Ontario, Ontario.

Well, I'm not sure Mr. McGuinty speaks from personal experience, since he went to a publicly-funded Catholic separate school, and sends his own kids to publicly funded Catholic separate schools, and his wife teaches in a publicly funded Catholic separate school. Forgive me for raining on your parade, Mr. Premier, but Catholic kids in Ontario aren't learning, playing, laughing and singing together with their Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu & atheist neighbours. What exactly is your point?


Anonymous said...

Oh gee, don't let a little issue like the Constitution get in the way - McGuinty can't do anything about that.

Bill Davis started it for votes - Cardinal Carter threatened Davis with the Catholic votes if he didn't fund a separate school for them and it is in our Canadian Constitution since Confederation - but hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good attack Liberals rant.

Matt said...

Highschool Catholic funding isn't Charter protected. He could scrap it and several Liberals have said they want to. Dalton needs to give us a straight answer on what his plans for this are.

A constitutional change that only affects one province can be voted upon in the legislature. It's very easy and Dalton could easily accomplish it if he tried. That's how provinces like NFLD and Quebec have scrapped charter-protected Catholic funding.

Dalton needs to come clean with his agenda for Catholic schools.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying to get rid of the catholic schools but it's dishonest to say "all children in Ont. go to the same public schools when thats not the case. He is not telling the truth in that ad at all and you know it. Even his own kids go to a private, govt. funded religios school, segregated away from those "public" students. In this ad it almost sounds more like it's McGinty that wants to get rid of the catholic schools and make all schools "public". Very confusing position.


Matt said...

1. One of Dalton McGuinty's strategists said they should scrap the Catholic board altogether to CBC earlier this week.

2. The Green Party is also proposing to scrap it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that post was for anonymous #1, and I meant nobody from Tory's camp is proposing scrapping the catholic schools, only extending the same luxury to other religions. It's only McGuinty that has a very unclear (and confusing) position on this.