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Monday, October 02, 2006

In the Google dimension

The internet is a weird place. Occasionally out of curiosity I go into my Sitemeter account to see who is reading my blog - I don't have that many readers so it's easy to do. My favourite part of doing this is checking the search words that have directed someone to my blog while doing a Google blog search.

A while ago I did a post on Katie Couric's debut on the CBS Evening News. Apparently there are a lot of obsessed Katie Couric fans out there; I have had several hits using the search words "Katie Couric tight pants". That same post, which mentioned BBC World News anchor Katty Kay got a hit for "Katty Kay escort". For all you hookers out there who look like Katty Kay - business may be looking up, so practice your British accent.

Because I identify myself as gay in my profile, I get a few hits every week using the search words "gay sex" or "gay escorts" or various other combinations. Oddly enough, several of them have been from Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and Malaysia - this is kind of sad or disturbing, depending on who is doing the searching. They must be a little surprised when they click on my link.

I frequently get hits to a post I did on the CBC's new show Canada's Greatest Inventions. I can imagine the poor elementary school kids googling their class project on Canadian Inventors and then landing on a post that rips the CBC and compares Canada unfavourably to the U.S. - school teachers all over the land will be filtering that one.

Thank goodness for search engines - if it wasn't for people landing randomly here via Google, I wouldn't have any readers at all.

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