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Friday, September 01, 2006

The NDP doesn't want us to fight this?

I shake my head when I hear leftists like Jack Layton and the NDP calling for our immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. The mission there is tailor-made for left-wing support: all the NDP shibboleths like women's equality and gay rights are front and centre, and Canadians are the good guys! Why can't leftists get behind this? The NDP believes that all we have to do is sit down with the Taliban and work out our differences. Doesn't anyone in that party remember what Afghanistan was like under the Taliban? Remember this?

Barely two weeks before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the New York Post and Court TV both ran items about the Afghanistan Taliban regime's punishment of two men convicted of homosexuality.
According to those stories, the Taliban's Islamic jurists knew that homosexuality was reprehensible and the sentence should be execution, but they were genuinely puzzled by conflicting Islamic opinion on exactly how the execution should be carried out. "We have a dilemma on this," one Taliban leader explained. "One group of scholars believes you should take these people to the top of the highest building in the city, and hurl them to their deaths. (The other) believes in a different approach. They recommend you dig a pit near a wall somewhere, put these people in it, then topple the wall so that they are buried alive."

So, if the NDP gets its way, Canadian diplomats will be negotiating with a new Taliban government on whether Afghan gays should be crushed to death or thrown off tall buildings. Jack Layton needs to pull his head out of his ass.


Anonymous said...

Jack Layton should go to Afghanistan to talk to the Taliban or al-Qaeda so there will be peace over there - his blarney does no good here in Canada.

Jack must be positively itching to go to Afghanistan since he's so passionate about it this week - Canadians, Afghans, the UN, everyone will owe him a big debt of gratitude once he has established peace over there - Jack should be thanked in advance for putting his money where his mouth is!

Mozart is Cool Too said...

What Jack Layton is failing to realize, this is partly due to the secret nature of the talks, is that a majority of Taliban are attempting to negotiate their surrender. I read it in the news and the talks haven't been formalized yet.

Carolyn Gardner said...

Either Mr. Layton really is that foolsih, or he's just taking the extreme opposite position of the Prime Minister because he thinks he's going to gain popularity points from Canadians on the assumption that the majority of Canadians, 1) disagree with Harper's stance, 2) do not want our troops to remain in Afghanistan 3) are uneducated enough to not understand the basic premise as to what a terrorist group stands for.