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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Connecting the dots - or not

From the National Post - August 11 (re: London arrests of terror suspects)

In London, the word that dared not speak its name throughout the day of drama was "Muslim". Mayor Ken Livingstone set the tone when he warned against any attempt to blame the Muslim community. "No community in London can or should be targeted or blamed because of the actions of people who are pure criminals."

Senior police officers quickly took up the refrain: It was, said one, outrageous to suggest that the fault lay with Islam, a peace-loving religion that utterly rejected wanton killing. The plot, he declared, was a crime, pure and simple, and the plotters were desperate criminals, pure and simple.

UPDATE: Rebuttal by Paul Wells - Please, at last, spare us this crap

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Anonymous said...

of course . . and all members of the mafia are Irish and the IRA folks are all from Rome.