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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cause and effect

Item 1: CTV News, Aug. 19
American visitors to Vancouver have been targeted with leaflets left on the windshields of cars with US licence plates, reading in part: "Go home - you are the most hated and feared people on Earth. You are not wanted here." Vancouver officials are worried that this type of activity "may give the impression that American tourists are not welcome here".

Item 2: National Post, Aug. 18

U.S. day visits sink to 1972 levels
The number of day trips Americans are making to Canada has hit a low not seen since 1972 .... From January to June this year, Americans made only 6.6 million same-day car trips to Canada, Statistics Canada reported. That's the lowest first-half figure since the agency began keeping records 34 years ago.... One economist said yesterday this is the beginning of a period in which Canada's $63 billion tourism industry will have to lessen its dependence on U.S. travellers and step up targeting tourists from within Canada and overseas.

Admittedly, a lot of factors are at work here, from high gas prices to a mistaken belief among many Americans that new rules require a passport to cross the Canadian border. But before we go targeting overseas tourists, here's an idea: let's stop treating American visitors like crap.


Minnesota said...

I visited Vancouver about two and a half years ago.

Never Again!

Myrddin Wyllt said...

You just visited but I have to live with these nut jobs most of whom Immigrated from other provinces, Europe and the states.
Silver spoon morons that believe BC was created as a haven for enviromental facists, commies and moron USA bashers.

Albertan Technophile said...

Come to Alberta, take in the beutiful sights, visit the Royal Tyrell museum, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump (google it) and be happily suprised at how friendly we Albertans are!

RobC said...

I just got back a couple of days ago from a road trip to Washington ,Oregon, Idaho and Montana.It didn't matter where I stopped or talked to I was treated very well. I wish the assholes that are putting the leaflets on US cars would grow up' pull their head out of your ass and get to know people before trashing them.

Minnesota said...


Unfortunately, not too many months ago I saw on the internet big, hand lettered signs in Alberta telling Americans they were not welcome. These signs were placed at the entrance to private lands where Americans had visited and hunted, with permission of course, for years.

One good thing about trade disputes, which appear to have been the cause of these signs: they tell you what people really think and how they really feel.

Anonymous said...

The most ignorant, bigoted and hateful people around today are the leftist/'environmentalist'/'peace activist' types.

It's sad that in today's age of information we can still see blatant examples of closed-minded bigotry such as these anti-Americans.